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An abbreviated list

Real World: Miami

    Bunim-Murray Productions


    Hurricane Entertainment

Making the Video

    MTV Productions




    Arnold Shapiro Productions

Get Packing

    NorthSouth Productions

Make Room for Baby

    NorthSouth Productions

In a Fix

    NorthSouth Productions

Ugliest House on the Block

    NorthSouth Productions

Miami Ink

    Original Media

Top Chef

    Magical Elves

New York Ink

    Original Media

Four Weddings

    Kirkstall Road Entertainment

Worldwide Tribe

    Alchemy UK

Home Made Simple

    Discovery Studios

Love & Hip Hop: Miami

    NFG TV

Big Sexy

    Atlas Media Corp

My First Sale

    High Noon Entertainment

Monster Moves

    Windfall Films

Baggage Battles

    My Tupelo Entertainment

Mary Mary

    E One Entertainment

Lizard Lick Towing

    Zodiak USA

Hillbillies for Hire

    Leftfield Pictures

Officially Amazing

    Lion TV

Fish Tank Kings

    Sharp Entertainment

Shark Week: Alien Sharks

    Discovery Studios

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