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“Sander is the consummate professional. As a DP, he has, and exhibits, years of experience that manifests itself in tremendous results. Tireless, a pleasure to work with and creative. What else can you ask for? I would hire again, and recommend him to anyone looking for a top notch DP.” 

Michael Amouri

Discovery Studios
Hired Sander as a DP, and hired Sander more than once.


Sander was very instrumental in helping shape the look and style of the new series "Miami Ink", for the TLC Network, and continued to be a force through the show’s three seasons.”

Isaac Bolden

Original Media 
Hired Sander as a DP / shooter, and hired Sander more than once.


“Sander is an amazing Director of Photography. His creativity, coupled with his depth of experience, shines through his work to enable him to deliver exceptional results. He is a pleasure to work with and continually demonstrates an impressive "can do" attitude. No challenge is ever too great. I highly recommend Sander and would gladly work with him again.”

Diane Hensley

As Brands Manager at P&G Hired Sander as a DP, and hired Sander more than once.


“I've worked with Sander on various productions for over 25 years. We've traveled far for many shoots and the results are always the same. PERFECT. Sander brings so much to the table it is hard to imagine doing a project without him. He has a great eye for seeing the best of something and being able to get it for you. He has a great ear for listening to what your vision is, and a great imagination for seeing the final product. The earlier you get Sander involved, the more your project will benefit. You and your project will be richer for having worked with him.”

Marc Cerutti

Cerutti Productions
Hired Sander as a Director of Photography, and hired Sander more than once.


“I worked with Sander for approximately 3 years and it was a great experience all around. He is a classy professional with profound knowledge of camera and lighting. Aside from thoroughly knowing his duties, his vast production experience has given him the knowledge to troubleshoot the work of many other departments. Sander was always a pleasure to have on set and more than willing to help/teach anyone on our team. He would make a great addition to any production.”

Martin Garcia

Associate Producer Miami Ink, Original Media 

“I worked recently with Sander on a Miami-area shoot. I found him to be a true professional: straight-forward, personable and highly competent.”

Doug Biro

Hudson River Films
Hired Sander as a shooter, and recommended him more than once.


“Sander has a great eye for what looks right and what will be best for the project at hand. Hardworking, and a great person to boot.”

Osvaldo Silvera

Director of Photography 


“It is always a pleasure to work with Sander. Besides top marks in professionalism, creativity, and integrity, Sander is one of the easiest persons I've ever worked with in my 25 years in the business. Sander is my first call when I need Camera help, especially for underwater photography.”

Fabio Arber

Freelance Production Supervisor, Miami
Hired Sander as a DP, Camera Operator, Underwater Camera Operator, and hired Sander more than once.

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